Evidence Based Ozone Therapy – WFOT review

WFOT Scientific Advisory Committee 2015

After being elected WFOT President in October 2014, one of my biggest concerns was to establish a public evidence based document on ozone therapy that collected and organized all the scientific information about this therapy.

Several books from Professor Velio Bocci, Dr. Silvia Menedez and Dr. Renate Viebhan have settled down the scientific basis. A recent book from Dr. Emma Borrelli, centered mainly on autohemotherapy, arrived to my attention a couple of months ago.

As president of the Spanish Society of Ozone Therapy – SEOT I had prepared during the past three years a document that was sent to the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Drugs and Medical Devices) in order to start a regulation process of ozone therapy in Spain and in European Union. The authors of this text are acknowledged at the beginning of this document.

The first task I entrusted the WFOT Scientific Advisory Committee was that to develop a real evidence based text on Ozone Therapy, using this SEOT paper as a start point. Several modifications and improvements have been done to this document by all the members of the WFOT Committee in order to create a worldwide updated reference text. Dr. Lamberto Re as Chairman of the Committee has written the introduction section.

I hope we have contributed, almost in part, to a more comprehension of this therapy, allowing our colleagues to use it properly, following the most correct concepts.

Prof. José Baeza Noci, M.D., Ph.D. WFOT President



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