After being treated in the hospital, many are finally negative for Covid, but continue to experience breathing fatigue, weakness, cough, chest pain, tachycardia, balance disorders, nausea or low-grade fever. 

A study showing the incidence of what is defined as “long Covid” was conducted by the Pneumonology and Respiratory Intensive Care of the Policlinico Sant’Orsola-Malpighi of Bologna, directed by Prof. Stefano Nava. 
The scientific work, entitled “Spontaneous Evolution of COVID-19 Lung Sequelae: Results from a Double-Step Follow-Up”, was published on January 18, 2022 in the journal “Respiration”:

The study looked at 100 Covid patients who had been hospitalized in 2020 and who continued to have problems in the months following their discharge from the hospital. 
The patients were followed up and monitored 2 and 6 months after discharge from the hospital.
Clinical results revealed that, after 2 months, more than 60% of patients were still symptomatic, while, after 6 months, this percentage was around 40%.
Patients who had been in serious condition during hospitalization showed more difficulty in full recovery. At 6 months from the date of discharge, only 26% of patients showed a full recovery from interstitial pneumonia.
Anyone who has developed interstitial pneumonia remains scarred in the lungs. In some cases the damage is permanent.
To investigate the relevance of these data and to understand how to heal Covid patients quickly, “Orbisphera” interviewed prof. Marianno Franzini, international president of the Oxygen Ozone Therapy Society.

You had already warned about the large number and difficulties of the “long Covid”. What is your comment on this study of Sant’Orsola?
The study is very interesting – Franzini explained – and confirms the presence and duration of “long Covid” which manifests itself with fatigue, widespread pain and even breathing difficulties.
Together with many other ozone therapists, we started treating Covid patients with oxygen ozone therapy as early as March 2020.
As confirmed by the works we have published on the treatment of severe hospitalized Covid patients, oxygen/ozone therapy is very effective in countering the coronavirus, reduces the inflammatory state, strengthens the immune system, improves the gas exchange between circulation and lungs, thus quickly overcoming respiratory failure.
We had already noticed this ability of ozone to heal and enhance respiratory capacity in patients suffering from interstitial pneumonia and in those suffering from allergic asthma.
Since the summer of 2020, together with many colleagues, we have begun to treat people with “long Covid” with oxygen ozone therapy.
During this experience we were able to verify that ozone therapy rapidly relieves all the symptoms of the disease, such as chronic fatigue, pain and respiratory failure.
This is because ozone is able to eradicate the vira tails that have remained in the bodies of Covid patients.
In this regard, together with prof. Umberto Tirelli, to prof. Luigi Valdenassi and other colleagues, we carried out a clinical study on 100 patients suffering from chronic fatigue caused by “long Covid”. We treated them with ozone therapy, and we saw that 67% recovered quickly, not showing relapses after months:

And what are the results of oxygen ozone therapy on Covid patients?

For Covid patients we published, together with SIOOT colleagues, some studies explaining the mechanisms of action of ozone, and then, in November 2020, a clinical study that compared the results of ozone therapy on 50 patients who were in serious condition, intubated and in intensive care:

With amazement and satisfaction we saw that, by treating them with SIOOT protocol oxygen/ozone therapy, 97.5% of Covid patients were healed and saved.
Although ozone has improved everyone’s conditions, 2.5% of patients were affected by so many and such comorbidities that it was impossible to avoid death.
Instead, Covid patients who were treated with oxygen/ozone therapy at the beginning of the advanced phase, during the first days of hospitalization, improved, and 99.9% healed.
In case, among the hospitals that use ozone therapy to treat Covid and the ozone therapists who went to the nursing homes for ozone patients covered in intensive care, we have learned that there are several people in serious condition who have been treated and recovered from the coronavirus thanks to oxygen/ozone therapy.
In the course of literature searches, I am struck by the fact that SIOOT’s work on the 50 Covid patients was cited in 17 papers of international level by PUBMED.

For further information:SIOOT – Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

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