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Some medical ozone associations are promoting the use of ozonated saline solutions as a method classifiable as Ozone Therapy. This is documented also by the “Second edition of Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy” edited by ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy) that included this technique in their training courses.

The World Federation of Ozone Therapy – WFOT, very worried about this fact, has made a deep study through its scientific advisory committee that concludes:

– Ozonated saline following the recommendation from the above related document, introduces in the body a very low amount of ozone dissolved in certain quantity of saline solution, compared with systemic indirect endovenous ozone therapy (SIEVOT), also known as major autohemotherapy. This small quantity doubtfully would induce any significant biological response, through the generation of ROS and LOPs. We must say that it is not an Ozone Therapy technique based on the ozone chemistry well documented by the German, Cuban and Italian schools, in which ozone is the only molecule that interacts with the body fluids.

– The ozonation of saline solution (0,9% NaCl) induces the generation of dangerous oxidized chlorine derivatives, not present in other techniques of medical ozone administration. Ozonated saline solutions showed to induce mutagenicity and toxicity in clinical reports. Ozonated saline solutions lacks of any kind of approved preclinical studies to support its safety, as ozone has, which were developed in Cuba and following the recommendations of the World Health Organization – WHO.

 For these reasons, WFOT cannot admit ozonated saline solutions as part of ozone therapy meanwhile the biochemical reactions, biological effects and safety of this procedure have not been even minimally established. 

Attached, you can find the details of the WFOT – Scientific Advisory Committee study.


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